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who is matty?

matty is a website and graphic designer.  

matty started studio bert in 2014 as hello thrive.

matty has built more than 100 websites.

matty’s impeccably manicured nails will put yours to shame.

you need matty.

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i always knew i wanted to run my own business. i not only craved freedom from my structured office job, but i also needed to unleash my creativity. i was fortunately surrounded by people who were strong and bold, and who created legacies they were proud of. these people mentored me – enabling me to do the same. in 2014, it was my turn. 

initially, i helped friends who were starting their own businesses by designing a logo, some business cards and a website. at that time, i did not yet know that these humble beginnings would form the foundations of hello thrive. five years later, i created my 100th website and as my brand and aesthetic evolved, a new era was calling. enter studio bert.

my design knowledge stems from four years of a bachelor of architecture and bachelor of construction management. it was during these studies that i realised i loved the conceptual design of architecture but didn’t love having to make sure it could stand up. specifications drove me crazy, and i knew i needed to get out of the construction world. i made the switch to a bachelor of commerce, majoring in interactive marketing, and knew digital would become my forever home.

outside of designing websites, i publish groom and guy, a periodical magazine that captures the refined and understated luxury weddings of gay men. the latest feather in my cap is le jour papier, a studio that curates sophisticated event stationery for weddings and corporate events. i may be digitally obsessed, but i also completely adore paper as a medium, so i am incredibly happy that i can satisfy my need to pursue both loves. 

when the day is done, you’ll find me cooking for those i love – unless it’s every third thursday. that’s reserved for manicures and taking my fresh nails somewhere new for dinner. aside from oxygen, i need my fiancé tony and my pooch aleksandr (a very pampered long-haired miniature dachshund) at my side – both of whom are incredibly handsome and certainly spark joy.

Truly the best! Matty is my go-to person whenever I need anything designed and printed. so easy to deal with and creatively exceeds the brief every time.
— ellen moriarty-taig, pullman melbourne on the park