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what i do at bert.

confidence is key. to me, there is nothing sexier than a brand that knows exactly what it is. whether you are creating an entirely new brand, or want to build on your existing one, a new website, striking graphics and some simple yet effective marketing initiatives will have your competition aspiring to be just like you – and not the reverse.

i’ll come to the party with a plateful of ideas and an aesthetic that compliments what you do. whether you desire designs that are utterly over-the-top, simple and refined (or somewhere in the middle) i’ll be there to guide you – every step of the way.

what’s your flavour?

this may sounds like the title of a glossy magazine quiz, but choosing the type of digital presence your brand requires is the first step toward launching your new-look website or branding. here’s how it works.

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informative websites

looking to be seen online, but only need to present who you are and what you do? something a little bit like this very website you’re on right now? i get you. i’ll build your new, informative website on wix and squarespace.

 naturally, it will be responsive across all devices (this means it will look gorgeous on a tablet, mobile device and desktop computer) and will include all the things you’d expect: like custom contact forms, a choice of colours, an array of fonts and verification across google (so you will start to appear in search results).

pricing customised to suit


ecommerce websites

this is your virtual shop front. have you created something truly amazing you want to sell online? i love to build ecommerce websites – the type of online stores that look gorgeous, work effortlessly and let you do what you do best: harness your creativity.

i build all of my ecommerce websites on shopify. there is no comparison, in my eyes. this platform is easy to use, a breeze to maintain and will scale with you as you grow. concerned about its traffic-handling abilities? let me put this into perspective: kylie jenner runs both kylie cosmetics and kylie skin on shopify. case and point.  

along with all you’d expect from an online store, i can also create a built-in blog that will help with your seo (making it easier to find you in a sea of online stores). and, if you need to link in email marketing tools, facebook ads and shoppable instagram capabilities, for example, i can make this happen. if you’re also looking to wholesale online, or want to offer your customers afterpay, i can gladly hook you up with the lot.

pricing customised to suit


email marketing

social media is great for driving traffic to your website, but did you know you can go beyond the socials to further your website visits? say hello to email marketing – and oh is it smart! i can help you create an incentive to get people onto your email database and, from there, have them enter and exit automated email flows that will drip-feed your marketing without you having to lift a finger.

how can we incentivise your customers? reward them for milestone customer anniversaries (for example, when it’s been a year since they began shopping with you for the first time), welcome new customers to your brand, say happy birthday, or remind them of any abandoned shopping carts. the possibilities are many. that’s where i come in.

pricing customised to suit


graphic design

i am a graphic designer at heart, so whether you need fresh, new business cards designed or a billboard with haste, i’m here for you. all of my designs are presented to you both print and digital ready. and, if you need help sourcing a printer or launching your new designs online, i can organise your project all the way from a to z (and every step in between).

pricing customised to suit



creating a brand from scratch or need your current branding refreshed? i would absolutely love to help. my love for captivating branding means i enjoy nothing more than chatting to businesses about their ideas and their next big steps. branding is so much more than just a lovely logo (but, of course, that helps too).

i’ll help you consider and refine a distinct tone of voice, graphic guidelines, colours and fonts. and that’s all before it’s packaged up and extended across everything your brand touches: from swing tags and advertisements, to social media profiles and business cards. 

pricing customised to suit



less-than-snappy copy letting you down? whether you’d like a fresh pair of eyes to review your current words, or you don’t even know how to start, i am happy to help. i’ll work alongside you to gain an understanding of precisely what message you are looking to convey – and in which tone you’d like to express your message. then, i’ll tweak existing copy or create new copy that will work for its specific application. i’ll even learn to talk like you, so your copy is always on brand.

once the copy is on the page, my professional copy editor will dot the i’s and cross the t’s (and will probably throw in a semi-colon or two for good measure). the final result will be polished copy that shines – without any stray typos or spelling errors in sight.

pricing customised to suit



social media is an important pillar in your marketing plan, but it’s also a serious investment in your precious time. between curating your posts, to publishing them in a timely manner, monitoring your account and being responsive to customers, it can be time-consuming work just to get it right – chewing up valuable hours you could instead be running your actual business! fewf. never fear: i’m here again, and ready to help.

i can help you do anything from scheduling and organising your social feeds, to full-blown content curation and social ad management.

pricing customised to suit

matty has a wealth of knowledge in the digital space and is very willing to offer advice, discuss strategies to increase the success of my business and he genuinely cares which is so rare to find in this fast paced world we live in. he is an absolute gem.
— tanya shepley,