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Truly the best! Matty is my go-to person whenever I need anything designed and printed. so easy to deal with and creatively exceeds the brief every time.
— Ellen Moriarty-Taig, Pullman Melbourne on the Park

who is bert?

bert is a website aficionado.

bert reimagines websites and brands.

bert is based in melbourne but works worldwide.

bert marches to the beat of his own drum in a rather proud one-man band.

you need bert.

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studio bert is the creative playground of me: matty. i am a digital creative who specialises in website design and branding for start-ups and small-to-medium businesses.

digitally obsessed, i adore (almost) nothing more than a perfectly curated website – with the exception of lovely glass of pinot noir. i believe a well-designed website and noteworthy branding is essential for your business’s success. whether you are conveying information about who you are and what you do, or selling your labour of love online, i can create the online home your brand deserves.


who is matty?

matty is a website and graphic designer.

matty started studio bert in 2014 as hello thrive.

matty has built more than 100 websites.

matty’s impeccably manicured nails will put yours to shame.

you need matty.

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i always knew i wanted to run my own business. i not only craved freedom from my structured office job, but i also needed to unleash my creativity. i was fortunately surrounded by people who were strong and bold, and who created legacies they were proud of. these people mentored me – enabling me to do the same. in 2014, it was my turn.


what i do at bert.



this is your virtual shop front. have you created something truly amazing you want to sell online? i love to build ecommerce websites – the type of online stores that look gorgeous, work effortlessly and let you do what you do best: harness your creativity.


looking to be seen online, but only need to present who you are and what you do? something a little bit like this very website you’re on right now? i get you.

email marketing

social media is great for driving traffic to your website, but did you know you can go beyond the socials to further your website visits? say hello to email marketing – and oh is it smart!

graphic design

i am a graphic designer at heart, so whether you need fresh, new business cards designed or a billboard with haste, i’m here for you.


creating a brand from scratch or need your current branding refreshed? i would absolutely love to help. my love for captivating branding means i enjoy nothing more than chatting to businesses about their ideas and their next big steps.


less-than-snappy copy letting you down? whether you’d like a fresh pair of eyes to review your current words, or you don’t even know how to start, i am happy to help.


social media is an important pillar in your marketing plan, but it’s also a serious investment in your precious time. bert to the rescue.

matty has a wealth of knowledge in the digital space and is very willing to offer advice, discuss strategies to increase the success of my business and he genuinely cares which is so rare to find in this fast paced world we live in. he is an absolute gem.
— tanya shepley,

i will only partner with the best.


featured work.


bert’s tunes.


for me, good music is comparable to oxygen in its life-giving nature. so, whenever i’m in the office, i need design-enhancing tunes playing on the sonos – setting a befitting creative tone. to share the experience, and make it feel as though we’re in the same room, i’ve created a playlist of songs i love to listen to while designing.

have an energising recommendation? let me know what songs you can’t work without! does my playlist have you wanting to pop on the noise-cancelling headphones with haste? well now, as the adage goes: if you haven’t got anything nice to say, maybe it’s best left unsaid. 


get in touch with bert.


you’ve read through to the end of my site and now you know all about me. really, it’s only fair i know some more about you.  

how can i help you? is there a website you’re eager to set up? do you need something pretty designed? do you want the name of my barber having seen my photo? whatever it might be, i’d love to see you slide into my inbox.

bye-bye for now,